Thursday, 30 November 2006

Satanic Masonic British Zionism (nothing to do with true Judaism).

Remember the Zionist Centre on Mt Herzl, Richard?
Remember how the Jews were tricked into believing that British Intelligence supported their right to live in Israel? A 'cover' for instituting their cult of Lucifer in their 'end of days' scenario on Temple Mount. Seriously this is their trajectory - unfortunately it sounds so insane that most sane people would never believe it and that is how they continue to get away with it.
The black pentagram and 'egg' - cloning and stem cell experimentation, remember that Richard? I was one of the first of their IVF experiments and treated as 'sub-human' because of it.
The 'druid' stone circle on Mt Herzl. Remember the oak tree grove above St John in the Desert Monastery and the beehives. Remember being programmed that if you ever spoke about any of this - the 'bees' i.e. MI5/6 operatives, would swarm and sting you to death? That is what they are trying to do now. Learn how to be a 'bee-keeper'!
Remember the hotel where you went on that 'treaure hunt'? To complete the 33rd degree? To become one of the 'Sons of G-d'? Life, death and resurrection. Remember that?
Remember the Satanic/Masonic symbols by the black pentagram?
Remember the 'flying carpet' on the roof of said hotel...used to program remote viewers?